This was my most favorite project to do within my communication major thus far here at CNU because I loved picking out the artifacts and writing about what I wanted about gender.  Learning about the theories in class and observing the representations I encountered in this project has given me a broader understanding of how much gender plays apart in our culture.

Firstly, I used my personal experiences to relate to many theories we learned in class.  Theories included the social learning theory, cognitive development, and anthropology.  Dr. Stern has used our journal entries to think about personal experiences; however, I did not post many of those entries on my blog.  I felt more comfortable posting the personal experiences for this portfolio instead.

When I first started thinking about this project, I thought that I wanted to embed as many media clips as possible because my life basically runs through the media.  However, I have never really thought about the gender examples that occur within the media.  It was easy to find gender norms and violations of gender norms within media representations.  I used sources from movies, television and song lyrics.  I felt the song lyrics were the most difficult to interpret because I had to think through the artist’s mind about what he or she was trying to say within his or her song.  Throughout the media representations, I connected the clips to social institutions such as education, work, family, etc.  I thoroughly enjoyed researching and finding media examples that represented gender concepts.  During my presentation, I hope to show these media clips and describe which concepts and theories play a part in it.

My artifacts mostly supported the concepts and ideas from our text.  There were a few artifacts that didn’t mesh with the gender norms.  Some of the artifacts overlapped with one another because it related to the same concept, theory, or idea.

After creating this portfolio and learned the different concepts and theories throughout the class, I now have a better understanding of gender roles and gender representation.