In the cartoon below, it doesn’t say where exactly this type of sexual harassment is being taken place.  So, I thought of a few places it could exist and both are forms of social institutions.  This occurrence could happen in education, and it could happen in the work place.  As I learned in Chapter 9, women are more sexually harassed than men.  As I researched through different cartoons, it seemed that all of the examples were of men harassing women.

Do women like to be looked at?  Of course they do.  Do women like to be talked about amongst others?  Of course they do.  However, I do not feel that women would be okay being talked about sexually.  In the cartoon, the woman turns around and catches the man in the act of him peeking up her skirt.  The woman does not appreciate this kind of act as she’s telling him that he should go stare at something else.  The woman must find this man disgusting and could report him for sexual harassment.

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