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In the clips shown below of The Office (Daniels, 2005), Michael Scott and Jan separate the work force into two separate groups of men and women.  Michael holds a conference for the men to speak, and Jan holds a conference for the women to speak.  In Jan’s group, the women are somewhat shy to speak up and state what they are good at doing.  Jan is superior above all the other women, so maybe these women feel nervous or threatened by Jan’s appearance.  Regardless, the women are being kind and attentive to each person speaking.  On the other hand, shown in the second clip, Michael has an interaction with Darryl, a worker from the warehouse.  Darryl elaborates that he is talented at moving things, which shows off his masculinity.

Michael interrupts Darryl that he has said enough, and Darryl says that he doesn’t want to be interrupted.  Michael is Darryl’s boss, so in regular work norms Darryl would either be asked to leave or fired for talking back to his boss.  Michael feels intimidated by Darryl’s demeanor, maybe because he is African American and masculine.  However, a person of Michael’s stature should not be intimidated by anyone.  As the manager of his branch, he should have authority over Darryl in these matters; so, in this scene, the work force norms have been violated.  Finally, these two scenes create the depiction of the two-culture theory, or report vs. rapport.


At the Jersey Shore, people’s attire represents the styles of Guido’s and guiddettes.  The men and women’s clothing can be very different, however, their accessories and other products are very similar.  To support the text, the women at the Jersey Shore like to wear dresses, skirts, and other “low cut” clothing.  The women also like to use make-up and other facial products to make them look prettier.  The men at the shore like to wear designer t-shirts and designer jeans.  They will occasionally go out in wife beaters and designer shoes.

At the shore, the men’s and women’s accessories and other products supports the text; “Some products have become common for women as well as men to use, such as tattoos, body piercing, and cosmetics, but if you look closely, you’ll discover that tattoos and piercings are gendered masculine and feminine, and cosmetics are sex exclusive” (DeFrancisco & Palczewski, 2007).  At the shore, both men and women have tattoos.  The men usually have a masculine design or their name on them, and the women typically have an angel, flower, or other symbol that shows signs of feminism.  Both men and women have many piercings.  Typically, the men and women have their ears pierced, but it is the women who have multiple ear piercings and their noses pierced.  It seems as though women just use much more of these accessories than men do, and these descriptions at the shore completely support what the text states about body adornment.

The text stated that, “Sexual harassment was an example of the power of naming, along with ways for counterpublics to develop a vocabulary that articulates subordinated groups’ interests and needs” (DeFrancisco & Palczewski, 2007).  However, sexual harassment is a great deal more than this in many ways.  Sexual harassment can involve stalking, spying on, etc.  In the image below, a man is staring at a woman, who is bent over trying to find a folder from a cabinet drawer.

The man seems to be smiling because he feels he can do whatever he wants he is the man and she is the woman.  He is seemingly evaluating the woman and somewhat “checking her out”.  The man sees the woman as a sexual object instead of one of his loyal coworkers.  This certain man thinks he has the right to do this because he is stereotyped as strong, dominant and uncontrollable.  Even though this happened in a work-like environment, I believe that these instances happen within education as well.  An example would be when girls are walking to lunch, the boys behind them stare at them as though they are sexual objects.  They talk amongst themselves about the girls in a sexual way, not a positive way.

The images below represent male super heroes in motion picture films.  Spiderman is played by Toby McGuire, The Hulk is played by Eric Bana, and Batman is played by Christian Bale.  Each of these super heroes represents the stereotype of the male gender.  They all have a personal set of skills.  Both Batman and Spiderman can do a little bit of flying and the Hulk has great strength.  However, these men are portrayed in the same way because of their gender.  They are very dominant, aggressive, and use fighting as one of their many strengths.  These super heroes display the stereotype that men are dominant and aggressive in any “real-life” situation.

Recently in the movies, women have received roles as super heroes such as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Gardner.  They violate the general women’s stereotype because women don’t usually engage in battle.  In war movies and other action films, women are not known to be involved as much as men are.  If women are engaged in some type of confrontation, they are known to show their emotions.  Emotions would not be a proper thing for an action movie.  We don’t see the men in movies as emotional characters so women need to play the stereotype men do in action and adventure films.

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The video game Grand Theft Auto contains drive-by shootings, car thefts, and acts of prostitution.  Mostly male children play this game because young girls do not have an interest in this type of behavior.  “What happens physically and emotionally when children and adolescents spend a great deal of time exposed to these activities” (Eden, 2008)?  Young boys generally do not know what they’re getting themselves into when they play these type of games.  In some severe cases, children have shot other children without realizing the consequences that come along with it.  “The younger one is, the more intense the effect.  When children play these games for hour after hour, it seriously distorts their worldviews” (Eden, 2008).

When I used to play video games, I witnessed my friends playing this game for hours because it was so addicting.  This addiction can be stopped by parents getting involved.  “The problem is there are way too many irresponsible adults who either don’t know or simply don’t care about the psychological damage that is being inflicted by children under their care of supervision” (Eden, 2008).  Young boys want to portray people in video games, television, film, etc, so everyone should be cautious about what they do or view.

Danica Patrick is a very successful auto-racing driver and happens to be the only woman in history to do so.  She is becoming more and more popular and additionally could be one of the top female athletes in the world today.  Auto racing has been dominated by men since the very start of the auto-racing industry.  In order for Danica to become accepted by the public (a stereotypical male audience), she has been marketed through the media as a sexual object.

The image shown above shows Danica undoing her auto racing attire and posing almost topless.  She sexualizes herself so she is seen as just as popular as any other racecar driver out there.  Patrick also poses for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  On multiple occasions, she has appeared in television ads sponsoring  In all of these media clips, she is seen as a sexual figure.  Within her images, she uses a women’s facial expression to look sexy to the male audience.

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As an active tennis player, I know that tennis is not as popular and media covered as sports such as baseball, basketball, and football.  If the males in tennis are not as media covered as the top athletes in other sports, than how are women in tennis media covered and get exposure?  Female tennis players are just like the example I gave about Danica Patrick.  They are sexualized in many instances like television ads and magazine images.

Shown in the image above is one of the top female tennis players in the world, Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova is displayed in a “sexy” way to draw more attention to the sport of tennis.  If individuals see this photo in magazines, they will be prone to watch more tennis on television and attend more tennis tournaments around the world.  Sharapova’s picture above represents the replica of the perfect female body.  It could be implied that women need to have this body in order to be accepted as athletes around the world.  Since Maria has posed and become sexualized, she has gained many endorsements and become well-known all over the world.  Tennis fans want to see her more than any other female tennis player.

“Mr. Mom” (McDonald, 2011) lyrics are somewhat joking.  However, the lyrics really create a stirring message.  A man who loses his job must do the responsibilities that a mother of the house would do.  He realizes how hard it is to perform the responsibilities of a mother.  In the family section of the text, I learned that most women are in charge of the household and are responsible for the well being of the house.  In this song, he creates a list of his complaints of what he has to do within the household.  At the end of the song, he wishes his children’s mother was there to do the labor instead of him.  This song shows that women are more domestic than men.  Some jobs and responsibilities must be left for the mother to do.  As shown in the family chapter, men cannot handle the types of jobs women can do around the house.  If they are actually capable of handling it, they cannot perform the tasks as well as women do.  This song shows what strengths women have within relationships and marriages.


In this hit song, Beyonce is putting herself in the shoes of a boy.  The song is very beautiful and shows a lot of emotion.  Through the lyrics, Beyonce creates the impression that boys are awful, mean individuals, who don’t know what they do to really hurt girls.  In the chorus, she’s saying what she’d be like as a boy if she had a girl’s mind.

This relates to the stereotypes as far as the emotions go in a relationship.  The girl usually takes things more to heart than the boys do.  Typically in relationships the girls show the tears and cry on the boy’s shoulder.  This song is harsh on boys because it’s giving a bad reputation to males, which we find can also be portrayed in other media outlets such as television, movies, etc. Beyonce is trying to give guys a heads up of their character.  At the end of the song, Beyonce says “..but you’re just a boy” explaining that this made up concept of an ideal boy doesn’t exist in reality. She pokes fun of the idea that there aren’t boys out there that can actually have these feelings towards a girl. The entire song is to show how boys don’t understand girls and that they never will.


A year ago, my tennis team did not experience many relational problems between teammates.  Everyone was getting along and communicating as a team.  We were the closest team at CNU in my opinion.  We did everything together.  We trained together, ate lunch and dinner with each other, went out with each other, and helped each other out if anyone experienced problems.  However, this season was very different.  Some of my teammates were not on the same page with each other, which led to confrontation during match play.  During a practice, not an actual match against another team but at practice, two of my teammates went up against each other in a practice match.  Throughout their match, there were many disputes about the score, but none bigger than the dispute that happened near the end of the match.  To distinguish the two men, they were Robbie and Lorenzo.

Nearing the end of their match, Robbie made a close line call on his match point.  Lorenzo was absolutely furious at the line call.  He immediately jumped the net and got right in Robbie’s face.  The two argued back and forth and were look like they were about ready to fight one another.  The entire team (including the coaches) wanted to let Robbie and Lorenzo work it out on their own.  My team and coaches took the masculine approach to this conflict, as would other men on different sports teams.  They feel as though outside interference was needed; however, the way this was escalating, and the role as a captain on my team, I felt as though I needed to step in and cool things off.  My job was to try and support each of my teammates in this situation.  My input into this situation was essential.  I wanted to calm each other down so there weren’t any flaws in our team chemistry.  I was very genuine and concerned with keeping their relationship and our team’s relationship in tact.  Both teammates took it upon themselves to shake each other’s hand and apologize.  At other times than this situation, I would be looking at confrontation and possibly joking about it with my teammates and let them work it out.  However, not on this day.  My feminine side was exploited when I was concerned about my teammates’ attitudes and feelings.