Danica Patrick is a very successful auto-racing driver and happens to be the only woman in history to do so.  She is becoming more and more popular and additionally could be one of the top female athletes in the world today.  Auto racing has been dominated by men since the very start of the auto-racing industry.  In order for Danica to become accepted by the public (a stereotypical male audience), she has been marketed through the media as a sexual object.

The image shown above shows Danica undoing her auto racing attire and posing almost topless.  She sexualizes herself so she is seen as just as popular as any other racecar driver out there.  Patrick also poses for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  On multiple occasions, she has appeared in television ads sponsoring godaddy.com.  In all of these media clips, she is seen as a sexual figure.  Within her images, she uses a women’s facial expression to look sexy to the male audience.

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