At the Jersey Shore, people’s attire represents the styles of Guido’s and guiddettes.  The men and women’s clothing can be very different, however, their accessories and other products are very similar.  To support the text, the women at the Jersey Shore like to wear dresses, skirts, and other “low cut” clothing.  The women also like to use make-up and other facial products to make them look prettier.  The men at the shore like to wear designer t-shirts and designer jeans.  They will occasionally go out in wife beaters and designer shoes.

At the shore, the men’s and women’s accessories and other products supports the text; “Some products have become common for women as well as men to use, such as tattoos, body piercing, and cosmetics, but if you look closely, you’ll discover that tattoos and piercings are gendered masculine and feminine, and cosmetics are sex exclusive” (DeFrancisco & Palczewski, 2007).  At the shore, both men and women have tattoos.  The men usually have a masculine design or their name on them, and the women typically have an angel, flower, or other symbol that shows signs of feminism.  Both men and women have many piercings.  Typically, the men and women have their ears pierced, but it is the women who have multiple ear piercings and their noses pierced.  It seems as though women just use much more of these accessories than men do, and these descriptions at the shore completely support what the text states about body adornment.