“Mr. Mom” (McDonald, 2011) lyrics are somewhat joking.  However, the lyrics really create a stirring message.  A man who loses his job must do the responsibilities that a mother of the house would do.  He realizes how hard it is to perform the responsibilities of a mother.  In the family section of the text, I learned that most women are in charge of the household and are responsible for the well being of the house.  In this song, he creates a list of his complaints of what he has to do within the household.  At the end of the song, he wishes his children’s mother was there to do the labor instead of him.  This song shows that women are more domestic than men.  Some jobs and responsibilities must be left for the mother to do.  As shown in the family chapter, men cannot handle the types of jobs women can do around the house.  If they are actually capable of handling it, they cannot perform the tasks as well as women do.  This song shows what strengths women have within relationships and marriages.

Lyrics:  http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/l/lonestar/mr_mom.html