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The cognitive development theory can be best shown in my life through athletics.

“Like psychoanalysis, cognitive development explains gender identity development as a mental process.  Like social learning, it notes that children will behave according to social norms of gender.  Cognitive development theory is different from social learning because the assumed motive for learning gender is not a desire to mimic others or to attain rewards from others but a desire for self development and competency” (DeFrancisco & Palczewski, 2007).

I have used the cognitive development theory in many tennis matches that I’ve played.  When an individual is out on the tennis court, there is no one to help them because it is an individual sport with no form of coaching whatsoever.  If things get tough, players have to rely on themselves to pull them back up.  Finding a will to win in my opinion demonstrates the cognitive development theory.  I have demonstrated this many times when I have come back from a large deficit to become victorious at the end.  This ability and skill I have accomplished cannot be taught or learned.  It comes deep within an athlete’s heart and sole.  Many professional athletes exemplify this competency.  However, there are some athletes who can’t ever figure this out, and that’s one of many things that make sports intriguing to watch.


As an active tennis player, I know that tennis is not as popular and media covered as sports such as baseball, basketball, and football.  If the males in tennis are not as media covered as the top athletes in other sports, than how are women in tennis media covered and get exposure?  Female tennis players are just like the example I gave about Danica Patrick.  They are sexualized in many instances like television ads and magazine images.

Shown in the image above is one of the top female tennis players in the world, Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova is displayed in a “sexy” way to draw more attention to the sport of tennis.  If individuals see this photo in magazines, they will be prone to watch more tennis on television and attend more tennis tournaments around the world.  Sharapova’s picture above represents the replica of the perfect female body.  It could be implied that women need to have this body in order to be accepted as athletes around the world.  Since Maria has posed and become sexualized, she has gained many endorsements and become well-known all over the world.  Tennis fans want to see her more than any other female tennis player.

A year ago, my tennis team did not experience many relational problems between teammates.  Everyone was getting along and communicating as a team.  We were the closest team at CNU in my opinion.  We did everything together.  We trained together, ate lunch and dinner with each other, went out with each other, and helped each other out if anyone experienced problems.  However, this season was very different.  Some of my teammates were not on the same page with each other, which led to confrontation during match play.  During a practice, not an actual match against another team but at practice, two of my teammates went up against each other in a practice match.  Throughout their match, there were many disputes about the score, but none bigger than the dispute that happened near the end of the match.  To distinguish the two men, they were Robbie and Lorenzo.

Nearing the end of their match, Robbie made a close line call on his match point.  Lorenzo was absolutely furious at the line call.  He immediately jumped the net and got right in Robbie’s face.  The two argued back and forth and were look like they were about ready to fight one another.  The entire team (including the coaches) wanted to let Robbie and Lorenzo work it out on their own.  My team and coaches took the masculine approach to this conflict, as would other men on different sports teams.  They feel as though outside interference was needed; however, the way this was escalating, and the role as a captain on my team, I felt as though I needed to step in and cool things off.  My job was to try and support each of my teammates in this situation.  My input into this situation was essential.  I wanted to calm each other down so there weren’t any flaws in our team chemistry.  I was very genuine and concerned with keeping their relationship and our team’s relationship in tact.  Both teammates took it upon themselves to shake each other’s hand and apologize.  At other times than this situation, I would be looking at confrontation and possibly joking about it with my teammates and let them work it out.  However, not on this day.  My feminine side was exploited when I was concerned about my teammates’ attitudes and feelings.