The video game Grand Theft Auto contains drive-by shootings, car thefts, and acts of prostitution.  Mostly male children play this game because young girls do not have an interest in this type of behavior.  “What happens physically and emotionally when children and adolescents spend a great deal of time exposed to these activities” (Eden, 2008)?  Young boys generally do not know what they’re getting themselves into when they play these type of games.  In some severe cases, children have shot other children without realizing the consequences that come along with it.  “The younger one is, the more intense the effect.  When children play these games for hour after hour, it seriously distorts their worldviews” (Eden, 2008).

When I used to play video games, I witnessed my friends playing this game for hours because it was so addicting.  This addiction can be stopped by parents getting involved.  “The problem is there are way too many irresponsible adults who either don’t know or simply don’t care about the psychological damage that is being inflicted by children under their care of supervision” (Eden, 2008).  Young boys want to portray people in video games, television, film, etc, so everyone should be cautious about what they do or view.