As a member of the Jewish faith, I’ve recognized some of the differences Judaism outlines between men and women.  They both contain different positions in religious life, which leads to different religious responsibilities.  “Reformers within the Orthodox tradition believe that some of these differences are not a reflection of religious law, but rather of cultural, social, and historical causes” (Wiki, 2011).  I am not as religious as I used to be, however, I have witnessed many of these differences within temple as a young boy.  In my opinion, men are more socially active in Judaism than women.

At an early age, Jewish children are entered into Hebrew School, where they will learn writings and teachings of the Torah and other prophets.  Men were needed to learn much more about other prophets than the women because the women only needed to learn specifically about the Torah.  Women who learned from the Torah needed to understand the responsibilities in running a Jewish household.  Additionally, in an event of a Jewish holiday, bar mitzvah, or bat mitzvah, the men are the only ones who wear yarmulkes.  “Orthodox rabbis discourage women from wearing yarmulkes” (Wiki, 2011).  Women’s participation in temple is very limited.  Usually it is the men who give the readings of the Torah to the public.  Also, most Jewish rabbis are men.  This is partly because women are not amongst the individuals in the profession of rabbis and priests.  Nonetheless, women are not totally dismissed within the synagogue.  Some synagogues contain mechitzots, which are benches equal distance to the Torah.  Men are on one side and women are seated on the other.  This shows that everyone is equal, as the women are not further away from the Torah as the men.